Rob Bredow


Rob Bredow is a Visual Effects Supervisor & CTO with an interest in leading talented teams to create ground-breaking imagery and experiences.


Edge of Tomorrow, Amazing Spiderman 2, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Smurfs 2, Oz the Great and Powerful, MIB3, The Amazing Spiderman, Arthur Christmas, The Smurfs, Green Lantern, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Surf’s Up, Polar Express, Anger Management, Stuart Little 2, Megiddo, Castaway, Stuart Little, Virus, Godzilla, Independence Day, Storm Rider, Star Trek First Contact, and MIB.


Chief Technology Officer & VFX Supervisor
Sony Pictures Imageworks & Animation — 2001-Present

As CTO, Rob has led efforts to streamline the production pipeline for both CG Animation and Live-Action Visual Effects, and more recently Color Timing, Post-Production and Post Sound. While the studio as a whole has long been good at creating the impossible, Rob has worked with engineers to make the “easy” things much easier, resulting an better experiences for the artists every day.

Rob also led the effort to significantly expand the computing and disk infrastructure while reducing costs to the productions while continuing the expansion to international offices. Rob created the technology sharing agreement with The Foundry which allowed Imagework’s lighting software Katana and story software Flix to be sold commercially. He also created Imageworks open-source initiative to share innovative technology with the industry as a whole.

Rob served as Visual Effects Supervisor on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the Academy Award Nominated Surf’s Up where he delivered hours of groundbreaking shots for both films. Significant innovations included a real-time live-action camera for the animated films and new rendering techniques that both improved the look of the films and artist efficiency. Additionally, Rob held supervisory positions on many other films including Polar Express, Anger Management, and Stuart Little 2.

Visual Effects Supervisor, Megiddo — 2000-2001

Production side VFX Supervisor for the film encompassing both 3rd party and an in-house digital unit. Directed the 10 day visual effects practical and miniature shoot and delivered the film on-schedule and on-budget.

Senior Technical Director, Sony Pictures Imageworks — 1998-2000

Led the effects animation and created tools for the digital clothing team for the Academy Award nominated film Stuart Little. Led the development of the storm sequence digital effects work on Castaway.

Director of Research and Development, VisionArt — 1991-1998

Assisted as CG supervisor and Technical Director on difficult sequences on films like Independence Day and Godzilla. Developed numerous tools to satisfy production needs including a particle/behavioral simulation, particle rendering system, real-time motion capture system and camera match-move software.


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Surf’s Up: The Making of an Animated Documentary — ACM Siggraph 2007
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Renderman on Film — ACM Siggraph 2002
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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, VFX Branch — Since 2011
Member of AMPAS Scientific and Technical Council
Visual Effects Society Technology Committee Chair